I am a visual artist based in New Delhi. I realised my innate desire to use found/ discarded materials and objects during my bachelors. There was a sense of purpose I derived in transforming anything purposeless to something purposeful. एkatran is an extension of this innate desire.
Tanaya Rao Raj (Founder)

Where Art and Apparel meet


We are a clothing label that functions out of an art and design studio space in Sheikh Sarai Phase – 1. We love upcycling and create apparel out of all kinds of textile waste: Katran from boutiques, individuals, post cutting rejects and waste from export houses, waste from ‘thaans’ and so on. We have our own designs and collections, that we keep coming up with! Or you can also customise your garments with us and tell your story…

Our vision is to be a completely zero waste venture.


एkatran’s Journey first began after a conversation with my close friends and parents in my drawing room in 2020. As we casually discussed my Katran kurti (the remains of my mother’s suit) and my father’s pants (that I had altered), I was encouraged to take this enthusiasm a step further and think of offering my ideas to the world.

I shared that I had donated a lot of my old clothes and hadn’t purchased any readymade ones for 2 years then, only relying on hand me downs and some clothes, which I had begun designing out of Katran. For us, at Ekatran, every piece of cloth is precious and every garment is unique!

एkatran is the combination of two words: एकत्र (Ekatra) and कतरन (Katran) which mean togetherness and wasted pieces of cloth after the stitching process respectively. एkatran in itself actually means nothing! The inspiration behind the name came from the word ‘Katran’ which is a common term in Hindi, often used by tailors or Master jis, as we like to call them.

Our Team

Alam Sahab
  • Expert in stitching and jugaad
  • Creative strategist
Gul ji
  • Expert in sorting, mending, and assembling fabrics
  • Lead Experimenter/ Fabric manipulator at the studio
Raju bhaiyya
  • Lead coordinator at the studio
  • The best entertainer amongst all introverts otherwise
Alam Saheb II
  • Freelance assistance in fabric assembling
  • Best time manager out of the entire team
Lalita didi
  • Lead coordinator at the studio
  •  Invisible presence otherwise!
Mahati Mithipati
  •  Intern managing social media and website
  • Passionate about start-ups and anything related to tech

Upcycling your story, sustainably